Eternal Mansion 1.0
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Eternal Mansion 1.0

Free Help Mario escape the which who's attacking him
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Super Mario Eternal Mansion is yet another home-made version of the Super Mario franchise. At the beginning a small menu will be shown with the high scores and the level of difficuly. To start the game, you need to press the shift key once and once more to select difficulty.

When the game starts Mario will start running unstoppable - on the upper area of the screen a flying witch-like character appears and after a couple of seconds it will start to attack. Your mission will be to dodge all strikes, most of which will be like light balls that turn into Koopa Troopas when they hit the ground all of which you'll have to avoid unless you wan't to have a game over.

But not everything is so bad, on the ground you'll also see green mushrooms, red mushrooms, and fire flowers to defend yourself and keep progressing. Avoid ghosts above all enemies, they will lower your upgrades really fast and you'll have to start over.

At a certain point in the game, the entire screen will begin to move and rotate, and you'll have to be very agile to keep moving without getting killed. This game requires a lot of practice to be able to finish it. It's ghostly-music and graphics are the same as in Super Mario World's ghost castle areas.

There aren't many options, and when the game is over the high scores screen will be shown with a very nice star field on the background. Control the Mario character using the "Z" key to jump, and the "X" key to throw fire balls (if you have the fire flower).

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Abigail Diaz
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  • A different and difficult new challenge
  • Classical Mario music from the original game


  • Bad and unfriendly user interface
  • Not well programmed (contains bugs)
  • Controls cannot be changed
  • Music options are not available


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